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April 2020
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S2.EP17 - Elizabeth Laime with music from Dangermuffin

The host of Earwolf's 'Totally Laime' podcast Elizabeth Laime joins us for this episode. Providing some 'organic, sand-blasted roots rock, with a sweet jam spread' for us is South Carolina's Dangermuffin. To check out Elizabeth's podcast, go to For more from Dangermuffin, their website is at

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S2.EP12 - Jesse Thorn with music from The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band

Podcasting pioneer Jesse Thorn joins for this episode! Jesse is the host of the public radio show 'The Sound of Young America' and the popular podcast 'Jordan Jesse Go'. His programming network, Maximum Fun, boasts some of the funniest podcasts on the Web, as well as it's own annual fan summit, Max Fun Con. Some of the areas covered during our hour-long conversation include: Jesse's recollections of his appearances on the Adam Carolla show, thoughts on the Skylar Brothers, his love for the TV sitcom Cheers, what some of his favorite podcasts are, the smells of Comic-Con and his involvement in bringing Marc Maron's WTF to public radio. Providing music for this episode is a bombastic country/blues power trio from Brown County, Indiana, The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band. We'll share with you 2 songs from their album 'The Wages'. For more about the many projects of Jesse Thorn, go to The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band can be found at


S2.EP8 - Christine E. Taylor with music from Anna Johnson

Christine E. Taylor is a journalist, based out of San Francisco, who is chronicling the current comedy podcast boom. She also plans on ultimately putting together a definitive book on the subject. During our conversation, Christine touches on many timely and revelant issues facing podcasting, including: monetization, the role of services like Stitcher, the importance of 'gateway guests', how ISPs may try to cash-in, and much more. We also, this episode, proudly present the music of up-and-coming singer/songwriter Anna Johnson. Anna's debut album is titled 'Ready To Go'. The results of her hard work, as you'll hear, is no less than beautiful. Elsewhere in this episode, Justin and Ken ponder such cosmic riddles as: a possible Lynyrd Skynyrd themed restaurant, the Cake Boss 'world tour' and why someone as brilliant as Mike Schmidt isn't totally famous already. For more about Christine E. Taylor, go to: To check out more of Anna Johnson's music, go to:

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S1.EP46 - 'Bald' Bryan Bishop with music from Karmin

Better known by most as 'Bald Bryan' from the Adam Carolla show, Bryan Bishop joins us this episode. During our conversation, Bryan talks candidly about his continuing recovery from treatment for his recent brain tumor. We also touch upon TV, movies, podcasting & the current direction of the ACE Broadcasting Network. Providing music for us is a talented duo from Massachusetts named Karmin. We feature 2 songs from their new EP The Winslow Sessions. To check out Bryan's podcast, The Film Vault, go to For more about the music of Karmin, go to (original airdate: February 23, 2011)

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S2.EP2 - Jeff Ullrich with music from Ivan and Alyosha

Jeff Ullrich is a former business manager turned entrepreneur with the creation of Earwolf Media. Jeff partnered with comedian Scott Aukerman to create a network where comedians can create original content and not have to worry about the technical and business aspects that plague the new media landscape. Since Earwolf's creation, it has grown to include six comedy shows as well as a business-themed program aimed at comedy fans and producers alike. Providing music this episode is Ivan and Alyosha, a folk-pop, indie, rock band from Seattle, Washington. Their current EP is titled 'Fathers Be Kind'. To find out more about Earwolf and their roster of popular podcasts, go to To check out more music from Ivan and Alyosha, their website is at

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S1.EP41 - Jim Harold with music from These Electric Lives

This episode we're joined by the man behind the Paranormal Podcast Network, Jim Harold. Jim proves to be just as engaging as the subject matter he covers. Among the topics covered: skepticism, UFOs, psychics, life after death, ghost phenomena and the future of podcasting. We are also proud to welcome back Toronto's own These Electric Lives. This time around, we feature selections from their new album 'We See Light'. To check Jim's various podcasts, go to To find out more about the music of These Electric Lives, go to (original airdate: January 8, 2011)

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