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*NEW* S3.E8 - Kristen Becker featuring music from American Aquarium

Comedian Kristen Becker is screamingly funny. Her wide-ranging comedy is rowdy, political, personal, intelligent, and unrelentingly honest. Becker consistently wins the hearts of all audiences with her unapologetic humor. Her childhood, divided between the rust belt and the deep south, has left her uniquely able to connect with all manner of people. Becker’s ability to win the affection of such a wide range of audiences is due to her understated southern charm juxtaposed against a raucous and powerful persona. She is truly a comic of the people. | Hailing from Raleigh, NC, American Aquarium’s southern musical perspective is a blend of honest songwriting, an unwavering work ethic, and a genuine love of rock & roll. Whether you call it alt-country, Americana, or roots rock, one thing is for certain: Their music is a fresh voice that borrows from many forms of the American songbook.

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S3.EP7 - Graham Elwood featuring music from SMB Project

Graham Elwood has been a stand-up comic since he was 18. He has performed in clubs and colleges across the country and starred in five USO tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. Graham hosted the game shows “Cram” for Game Show Network and “Strip Poker” for the USA Network. He directed the award-winning short film “Hello Junkie” and the feature length documentary “Laffghanistan”. Graham has performed on CBS’s “The Late, Late Show” and also acted on Comedy Central’s “The Sarah Silverman Program”. He is also the co-host of the film review podcast Comedy Film Nerds. Floaty blasts of shoegaze reverb and fuzzed out guitars characterize SMB Project, a four piece alt rock group based in Orlando, Florida. SMBP is often likened to early 90s rockers such as Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, and the Pixies, as well as current indie shoegaze pop groups like Silversun Pickups and Muse. You can find all of Graham Elwood's merch and mischief through For more from SMB project, check out

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S3.EP3 - Jamie Flam featuring the music of Paul Terra

This episode, we proudly welcome Jamie Flam from The Long Shot podcast. During our conversation, Jamie talks about his personal growth and evolution over the last 2 years of being involved with The Long Shot. He speaks candidly with us about his role on the show, his initial disappointment with how he felt he was depicted, his relationship with co-host Sean Conroy, meeting his comedy heroes (as the booker of LA's Improv Lab), his work with Vanessa Raglund in their comedy duo The Spanglers and his long-term plans to ultimately ENCHANT the world.

We also feature the infectious hip-hop stylings of Orlando, Florida rapper/producer Paul Terra. Paul's debut album is titled Terrabite.

Jamie Flam can be found online at and . For more from Paul Terra, check out and

Special thanks to Joel Mandelkorn of Cleft Clips for the audio of The Spanglers performance of their song '1956'. For more performance clips from some of top talents in comedy, check out

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S3.EP1 - Don Jamieson featuring the music of I Will Break Thee

For our Season 3 premiere, we visit with comedian Don Jamieson Don's an Emmy award winning writer, stand-up comedian and television personality. He's one of the hosts of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic. Rolling Stone magazine called the show "one of the 50 Best Reasons To Watch TV.” His comedy album “Live and Hilarious” is available on Metal Blade Records. Check out Don's website: | We'll also feature the music of Orlando, FL metal band I Will Break Thee.  I Will Break Thee was created in mid 2009 by Shane Bryant as a solo project. Later that year Shane joined forces with friend and guitarist Justin Lunsford and the two began scultping ideas for the band. The main focus of the band is too have well written, well thought out heavy music. Influences of Lamb Of God, Pantera, and Opeth are quite apparent with heavy groove and flow added into the mix.

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S2.EP18 - Theo Von with music from PJ's My Cousin Too

Theo Von is a comedian/actor whom you may recognize from MTV's Road Rules, NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 4, or Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. Theo is also the founder of PJ’s My Cousin Too is a fusion of rhythm and funk formed by Michigan cousins Ryan Kramar and Jordan Jackson. They maintain a goal of not being assigned a category—just a good time and a good sound. For more about Theo Von and his various projects, go to or You can download free tracks from PJ's My Cousin Too on their profile page at

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S2.EP15 - Grace Helbig with music from Candice Anitra

This episode we visit with the hilarious Grace Helbig from G4's Attack of the Show & the popular video blog 'Daily Grace'. We'll also feature the music of Brooklyn-based R&B songstress Candice Anitra. To catch episodes of Daily Grace go to For more from Candice Anitra, her website is at

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S1.EP16 - Eddie Pepitone with music from David Wu

This episode we were joined by the absolutely brilliant comedian (and co-host of the Long Shot podcast), Eddie Pepitone. Eddie did this interview with us while en route to an appearance on the David Feldman podcast. It was actually quite the busy day for Eddie, as he almost didn't make it onto OUR show, due to what would've been impromptu opportunity to perform on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE. You'll hear why that didn't end up happening, as well as Eddie's take on a myriad of different topics. Be forewarned, you may hear occasional background noises (ie. airplanes, passing cars) during this conversation. Fortunately, none of it obscures the always unique experience that IS the great Eddie Pepitone. Also joining us is, our good friend, musician & producer David Wu. David is the mind behind a project known as The Fringemunks. We'll take you through several audio examples of David's musical evolution and talk about what inspires him to create his art. We also touch on several unexpected potpourri topics that make for some interesting dialogue. For more info about Eddie Pepitone, go to Eddie's podcast can be found at To find out more about David Wu, his website is at (Original airdate: June 11, 2010)

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S2.EP11 - Sean Conroy with music from Modern Man

Sean Conroy is a is a well-respected comedy writer, improvisor & stand-up performer who's work has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, Adult Swim and Spike TV. He is also a regular performer in the the Upright Citizens Brigade improv show, ASSCAT, as well as the host of one of the funniest podcasts in existence, The Long Shot. During our hour-long interview, Sean opens up about the inner workings of his podcast and the unique personalities of his co-hosts. We also discuss, in no particular order: the all-time greatness of HBO's 'The Wire', memories of Bill Hicks, the appropriateness of social commentary within comedy, the short-lived sitcom 'Players', surviving the wrath of Hollywood and much more. Music for this episode is provided by Washington, D.C.'s Modern Man. We proudly share 2 songs from their release, 'The Almost EP'. For more about Sean's podcast, check out To check out more music from Modern Man, go to

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S2.EP9 - W. Kamau Bell with music from Smoke and Feathers

W. Kamau Bell is an incredibly talented comedian and social commentator. He co-hosts a podcast titled 'The Field Negro Guide to Arts & Culture' with legendary musician Vernon Reid (from the rock band Living Colour). Laughspin Magazine refers to him as: “One of our country’s most adept racial commentators with a blistering wit and a willingness to say what you quickly realize you’ve always thought. He is relentlessly intelligent, fusing references to create a rich expression of incredulity in a post-Obama world.” Providing music for this episode is a psychedelic southern rock band from Austin, TX named Smoke and Feathers. Austin Psych Fest writes: “When four bearded, long-haired White dudes walk on stage with amps even taller than they are, you can bet your life savings that you’re about to hear some serious stoner metal. Their songs groove and have memorable melodies; the vocals are pleasant; their bassist has one of the meanest tones I’ve ever heard; and the occasional theremin solos were a nice touch.”  Smoke and Feathers share 2 songs from their lastest EP, Midnight Choir. For more about the comedy of W. Kamau Bell, his website is To check additional music from Smoke and Feathers, go to

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S1.EP6 - Jackie Kashian with music from Flush

Comedian, and host of the podcast 'The Dork Forest', Jackie Kashian joins us this episode to shoot the breeze on a myriad of topics. Subjects range from (Live Action Role Playing...thank you very much), medical marijuana, online dating, Star Wars, Barry Manilow and so on. We also feature music from one our all-time favorite featured artists, Flush. We're pleased to share songs from this great Austin, Texas band's EP, Snowclones. To learn more about Jackie Kashian, check out her website at For more from the band Flush, go to (Original airdate: April 2, 2010)

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S2.EP3 - Pat Cooper with music from Little Embers

Ever since his 1963 television debut on "The Jackie Gleason Show", Pasquale Caputo, aka Pat Cooper, continues to enthrall audiences with his lovable "comedic anger." Throughout his long and lucrative career, Pat has had the opportunity to share the stage with such superstars as Jerry Lewis, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and the list goes on. Pat's humor also reaches the talk show audiences with his recurring and always successful appearances on "The Howard Stern Show" and "The Late Show with David Letterman." Providing music for this episode is Queens, New York's own Little Embers. A collaborative effort between Theresa Hoffmann & her husband Anthony Rizzo, Little Embers is influenced by artists such as Wilco, Paul Westerberg and Lucinda Williams. For more, check out and

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S2.EP1 - Joey CoCo Diaz with the music of Courtesy Call

For our Season 2 premiere, we're joined once again by the always outrageous Joey CoCo Diaz! You know 'Mad Flavor' from his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience and his own hilarious podcast, Beauty and Da Beast. He's also appeared in the movies Spiderman 2, The Longest Yard, Analyze That and on the TV shows My Name Is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris and How I Met Your Mother. Supplying music for us this episode are Reno's own Courtesy Call. We'll sample songs from their new EP, Something Special. Check out Joey's podcast at For more info on Courtesy Call, they can be found on Facebook.

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S1.EP45 - Danny Lobell with music from The Worsties

Comedian, writer and storyteller Danny Lobell joins us this episode to talk about times he's spent with such legends as George Carlin, Jackie Mason and Harvey Pekar. Danny is also the host of his own popular podcast where he regularly talks with some of the biggest names in comedy at Providing music for us is an AWESOME ska/punk/pop hybrid from Nashville, Tennessee. 'The Worsties' serve up some tunes from their new EP 'Let's GO!'. For more information on Danny Lobell, his website is at You can check more great music from The Worsties at We also want to extend special thanks to the great Kevin Allison for allowing us to use an excerpt from his RISK! podcast episode containing Danny Lobell's story 'Chickens of Bushwick'. (original airdate: February 11, 2011)

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S1.EP.43 - Mike Schmidt with music from Bodhi

This episode we're joined by the host of 'The 40-Year Old Boy' podcast, Mike Schmidt. Mike has been a standup comedian and writer for over 20 years.  His writing credits include 'Cheap Seats' for ESPN Classic and 'Funniest Pets And People' for WGN/TBS. He is also known for his time as a former co-host on Jimmy Pardo's 'Never Not Funny' podcast. Mike's voice talents can now be heard on the HBO animated series, 'Life and Times of Tim'. Providing music is Florida jam band, Bodhi. Mike's hilarious podcast can be found at To check out more music from Bodhi, their website is at (original airdate: January 30, 2011)

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