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S2.EP14 - Wes Freed with music from The Far West

This episode, we're privileged to visit with musician and visual artist Wes Freed. Wes is best known for creating the album cover and poster art for the band Drive-By Truckers. During our in-depth conversation, we touch on a lot of varied ground including: people's misconceptions about the American South, the greatness of shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, why Wes feels all parties ultimately benefited from Jason Isbell's departure from DBT, his participation in the documentary 'The Secret to a Happy Ending' and his penchant for using unique found objects as the canvas for his art. Providing some heartfelt music for us is an authentic Americana band from Los Angeles named The Far West. We'll feature 2 songs from their self-titled debut album. For more about the work of Wes Freed, and to check out his phenomenal portfolio, go to The Far West can be found on both Facebook and their website,

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  • I'm certainly not happy that pelpoe keep sneaking in amendments that would make the US government pay for treatments that have no evidence base like faith healing (Christian Scientists) and chiropractors.I do want a public option, though. I want them to create a public option and destroy the patchy medical programs for the poor like Medicaid. We can help the poor afford the same coverage the rest of us get, and they can pay the same co-pays we all pay. That will encourage responsible use of the system.

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  • Insane jealousy is eantig up my soul. But ironically enough, that photo reminds me of a bookstore in Saskatoon. I require a promise of sorts that you will bring me some interesting European miscellaney upon your return. :)

    posted by: Patricia on 2013-08-07 14:01:08

  • kb-I think its important to raileze that this study was a correlational study and has NOT truly defined the role of therapy in this population of men. Your point is well taken regarding the life-long nature of such personality traits like chronic anxiety, which makes one wonder what might be the findings in a younger subgroup of men OR women - unfortunately, these groups weren't studied. Regarding the arrhythmia question - I am unaware of personality traits being directly correlated with the development of arrhythmias. Deb - thanks-CardioNP-Some great points. Unfortunately, studies like these are bounced around the press (even in by our own American College of Cardiology) and while informative, really don't help us treat cardiovascular diseases one bit. What, am I going to tell someone "Mr. Jones, you know being anxious might give you a heart attack, so calm down." I don't think so. Also, like you, I'm not about to start prescibing routine anxiolytics. I DO think, however, that anxiolytics CAN play a role in the anxious post-MI patient at times as they can help decrease catecholamines in certain particularly anxious patients.

    posted by: Ronald on 2013-08-07 05:11:53

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