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S2.EP10 - Lili VonSchtupp with music from Amanda Shires

The Los Angeles Times calls her 'The Foul-Mouthed, Buxom Godmother of LA Burlesque'. "In this land of the thin, blond ideal, Lili VonSchtupp draws crowds to a dive bar in Hollywood every week to celebrate real women with real bodies. In case anyone forgets anything, VonSchtupp packs an emergency kit with fish-net stockings, spare pasties and an extra g-string thong. She calls herself the "den mother of the best sorority ever." Lili is the producer of LA's longest running weekly burlesque show, The Monday Night Tease. She also provides the signature background laughter and audio production for Mike Schmidt's 'The 40 Year Old Boy' podcast. Providing music from this episode is Amanda Shires. Americana UK writes: "Shires is a damn talented and idiosyncratic song-writer...She is a fiddling maestro. At times her energetic, jittery vocals and eccentric lyrical subjects mark her out as a young female heir to the godfather of strange, Mr. Tom Waits. In her more conventional moments Shires sounds like the weird young niece of Dolly Parton." We'll share 2 songs from her album, Carrying Lightning. For more from Lili VonSchtupp go to and To learn more about the music for Amanda Shires, check out

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  • I know it was talked about yeetrsday, but I wanted to put my two cents in on the competition on Saturday in Durham. As one of the regular 6am’ers, I’ve been attending classes at CFW for about six months now, and have seen some great gains in fitness. The “bug” for competition definitely caught on after seeing and hearing how much the competitors enjoyed the Battle on the Border in Charlotte earlier in the year. I knew I was not going to come anywhere near placing, but just wanted to compete. Some great experiences, but some of the highlights were certainly seeing all the inspiring moments from all our CFW athletes and seeing the enormous amount of floor space our own gym took up in the staging area! If, and when, I compete again there are a few things I would have done differently. Namely, taking an Oly course! This would have benefited me tremendously (especially after seeing my form in video of my C&J!). Seeing the caliber of athletes was awe-inspiring in itself, and every single person at CFW continues to inspire me daily. Thank you to everyone who cheered, sent encouraging words, and even nursed my fragile ego when it was all over!No rep no rep no rep they continue to haunt me!!! [url=]bljxiy[/url] [link=]ncwijrvgav[/link]

    posted by: Laura on 2013-08-08 16:27:57

  • James is strong, has talnet, and has spent the last year and a half focused on Olympic Weightlifting. His hard work is paying off. Congrats Bro. Excellent work. James started oly lifting with us in the January 2011 Weightlifting course that leads me to remind you we have the next course starting this Saturday at 11am. There are many of you (some I've spoken to recently) that have the makings of good lifters. Take the course and find out how good.The worst thing that happens is you become better at everything we do in the CrossFit. Sign up on the board or just show up Saturday. Cody is the lead instructor for this course and Dawn, James, and myself as assistant instructors.

    posted by: Nina on 2013-08-08 09:52:31

  • Everyone come in and take a Yoga class today.Don't forget to retesgir for the Step up for Soldiers 5K Mud Run this Saturday. Sign up sheets are located in the lobby for both Individual and 4 person Teams. Make sure to return forms and money to CFW before Friday at noon. Only $35 for all CFW/ WSC/ Joro members!

    posted by: Ajay on 2013-08-07 03:35:15

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